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In honor of International Orangutan Day on August 19, we hope you'll join us in celebrating and raising awareness of this iconic endangered species


Now is the perfect time to begin planning your celebration, on-grounds activities, educational programs, and/or prepping your social engagement. Download the Orangutan SAFE toolkit for details on the SAFE Program, online/in-person activity ideas, crafts, social media posts, and more! This toolkit was designed to be utilized for International Orangutan Day and any educational event promoting orangutan conservation.


While this instructional toolkit is aimed at communicating with zoo staff so that organizations can take advantage of the kit, the individual links next to each resource make it easy for anyone to enjoy. Post and share the fun online, and be sure to include the hashtag #iheartorangutans.  #internationalorangutanday2023

Looking for more resources?

Find everything our toolkit has to offer including social media posts and filters:

Crafts and Worksheets
Activities to do at your Organization

Find the Food Maze

Great for younger children, this printable maze shows the trouble orangutans can have finding food when their habitat is destroyed or disturbed. The pictures show the common causes for orangutan habitat destruction including farming (palm oil), forest fires and clearings.

Click Here for Downloadable PDF >


Word Search

Check out this printable word search that shows words commonly related to orangutans to encourage people to think about the issues orangutans face and the actions are being taken to protect them.

Click Here for Downloadable PDF >


Male Orangutan Mask

Requires some recycled cardboard and some at home items to trace and create an orangutan mask that can be worn for a selfie.

Click Here for Downloadable PDF >


Durian Fruit Craft (and activity)

Requires recycled cardboard and magazine paper to create a spiky durian fruit that can be held up for a selfie. The instructions also include an at home game about senses. The purpose of these crafts is to create a fun extra element to a selfie people can post to show advocacy for orangutans as well as a fun at home activity that connects people with orangutans.

Click Here for Downloadable PDF >

Group Coloring

Orangutans Feeding Game - It’s sure to get you moving!

A fun game for at home, in school, or on zoo-grounds that will help people understand how habitat fragmentation and deforestation impact orangutans and their ability to find food and survive. The game includes printable game pieces, helpful instructions and can be modified to fit any size home. The game needs at least two people to play, a facilitator and a player, but can be played with more participants. It can also be modified to work within an on-grounds Zoo setting using two designated spaces one small and one larger.

Click Here for Downloadable PDF >


 Orangutan "Not a Pet" Game - Learn Crazy, Cool Orangutan Tidbits & Promote Responsiple Practices!

Participants learn how to be smart consumers and not "like" images of orangutans that can be harmful. This game allows participants to learn how their influence and choices on social media can help orangutans in the wild.

Orangutans Are Not a Pet - Game >

Orangutans Fact Sheet >

Education Materials

Reading List 

This list has a variety of books about orangutans, organized based on reading level from Pre K through middle grade. Find your favorite storybook, facts and figures, or true story! Each entry is accompanied by a suggested educational activity that reinforces the message in the book.

Shareable link:


WAZA Palm Oil Scan App

Help orangutans while you shop! This app, sponsored by the World Association of Zoos & Aquariums and managed in North America by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, allows you to scan items that contain palm oil and see how that company rates on sustainably sourcing palm oil, and therefore being orangutan friendly.


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