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2022 Conservation Partner Highlights

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Highlights:
  • Recently reached the milestone of 500 orangutans released back in the wild since its start in 1991. This is a significant achievement and has resulted in 37 wild born babies born to date.

  • A new research project which utilizes camera traps to monitor the distribution of 190 released orangutans and 15 wild born babies in the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest has documented 38 species of mammals since it was implemented in 2020. The project has identified several orangutans released by BOSF as well as other wild orangutans.

Borneo Nature Foundation Highlights:
  • Habitat protection work in the Rungan and Sebangau Landscape by supporting local communities to develop effective management of village forests

  • Currently support 14 community nurseries and planted 172,316 trees in Sebangau in 2022, contributing to total of 268,618 trees planted.

  • In the Rungan landscape they assist 28 local villages to manage the forest through social forestry programs such as aquaculture, permaculture, and honey production and by assisting them with the permitting process. To date,13 currently have permits.

Animal Projects & Environmental Education (Malaysia) Highlights:
  • Up to 8,169 Replacement & Phase 2 trees planted in 3 completed sites equaling 16,989 total trees on the ground across 6 sites.

  • To date, three sites have been completed, two are ongoing, and one is on hold.

  • 2023 will see completion of Replacement & Phase 2 for sites 1-3, and acquiring 2 new sites.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme Highlights:
  • In 2022, SOCP released 7 orangutans into Jantho Pine Forest Nature Reserve as part of a new genetically viable population to expand species distribution and create a "safety-net" population.

  • Followed 47 different Orangutans on 379 occasions for a total of 3,219 hours of observation on behavior, activities, and health.

  • Ran 17 patrol missions for 171 days to monitor and survey activities, reporting 83 threats inside the forest areas.

  • Worked with 3 Jantho area communities to establish new honey cooperatives to increase local incomes and created a new patrol team to increase impact in protecting the nature reserve with two patrol missions monthly.

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